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Lehto’s Law: You can be arrested over a Facebook post

In this video, Steve Lehto discusses a story in the New York Times; a fellow named Robert Freeze who in New Hampshire received a traffic citation he disagreed with. So he went online to the comments page of a newspaper and wrote his opinion: that “the cop who gave the ticket was a ‘dirty cop’, and that the police chief was a coward”

It turns out that in New Hampshire; there is a criminal law against libel, and “half the states in America have laws that make libel a crime, and prosecutions still happen “, such that if someone writes things about you that you don’t like, there is a potential to have the person arrested. So if you are a police officer, and you feel someone’s libeled or slandered you: you can just arrest the person, since they’ve broken the law, according to you.

Government Shutdown: Failure to renew expiring security certificates results in many broken websites

According to this article, so far: more than 80 US government websites’ certificates are reported to have expired without being renewed. NASA, the US Department of Justice, and the Court of Appeals are just some of the US government agencies currently impacted, according to Netcraft. Editorial Remarks: Here’s a showing of a need for websites implementing automatic certificate‚Ķ Read More »