Stopping annoying Windows 8 reboot countdown

Microsoft means well,  and updates are good,  but  I want to be in control of when my computer reboots,  dammit.    Not in the middle of a VoIP call, or me watching a movie.   Steps to put a stop to this forced reboot countdown craziness:   1.  Press Control + Escape 2.  Type  “cmd” 3. Right click… Read More »

Myth: “I’m just not a math person.”

In an article from The Atlantic; Miles Kimbal and Noah Smith  expound on the subject of basic math skills. (and the myth of inborn math ability):   Basic ability in the subject isn’t the product of good genes, but hard work. Quartz: “There’s one key difference between those who excel at math and those who don’t” The authors discuss… Read More »

‘Amazon’ sales tax law overturned in Illinois

In a USA Today article,  we learn that on Friday: the Illinois Supreme Court has thrown out a law  which taxes certain internet sales.  According to the court: the “Amazon tax”  violated the federal ban  against unequal taxes on digital transactions.   The first time a court has overturned an ‘Amazon’ internet sales tax law. The Illinois department… Read More »

When does a hardware firewall become justified?

In a discussion some time ago, I had, the question was raised  “In a small business setup one server, lets say Server 2008 and anywhere from 4-12 client computers.”;   How many computers before you really need to fork over the cash, for a dedicated firewall appliance? It seems to be commonly assumed that a dedicated firewall only… Read More »

Student arrested for virtually shooting classmates in game

Gray, Louisiana An 15 year old young man has been arrested for using a smartphone app called the real strike app to “shoot” classmates at H. L. Bourgeois High School.  The app places a virtual gun and user interface over a real background seen through the phone’s camera: in the style of a first person shooter game.    A student… Read More »

Sleep boosts brain cell numbers

Sleep boosts brain cell numbers In today’s BBC Health news:  there was a great article about new research, describing how sleep helps the brain.  The research suggests that ‘Sleep boosts brain cell numbers‘.    Getting enough sleep may have benefits: beyond what was previously thought. When sleep boosts your brain cell numbers, you might live longer.    You… Read More »