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Stopping annoying Windows 8 reboot countdown

Microsoft means well,  and updates are good,  but  I want to be in control of when my computer reboots,  dammit.    Not in the middle of a VoIP call, or me watching a movie.   Steps to put a stop to this forced reboot countdown craziness:   1.  Press Control + Escape 2.  Type  “cmd” 3. Right click   “cmd.exe”  icon 4. Click the run as Administrator choice at the… Read More »

When does a hardware firewall become justified?

In a discussion some time ago, I had, the question was raised  “In a small business setup one server, lets say Server 2008 and anywhere from 4-12 client computers.”;   How many computers before you really need to fork over the cash, for a dedicated firewall appliance? It seems to be commonly assumed that a dedicated firewall only provides enough benefits for a large network,  and that it is difficult… Read More »

The art of abstraction

Computerphile recently did a cool video on the art of abstraction;  a fundamental concept required in the development and understanding of computation: