Hamfests: A Celebration of Ham Radio

To call attention to some upcoming events in Louisiana. The 38th Annual Hammond Hamfest, on the coming Saturday, January 19, 2019 of the Southeast Louisiana Amateur Radio Club in Hammond, LA (SELARC). If you are in the area, come by and attend the Hamfest! Or at least consider sending a (suggested: $15) donation. Click here to scroll down… Read More »

Security Risks in VideoGames: Hacking Fortnite

By discovering a vulnerability found in some of Epic Games’ sub-domains, an XSS attack was permissible with the user merely needing to click on a link sent to them by the attacker. Once clicked, with no need even for them to enter any login credentials, their Fortnite username and password could immediately be captured the attacker.

Lehto’s Law: You can be arrested over a Facebook post

In this video, Steve Lehto discusses a story in the New York Times; a fellow named Robert Freeze who in New Hampshire received a traffic citation he disagreed with. So he went online to the comments page of a newspaper and wrote his opinion: that “the cop who gave the ticket was a ‘dirty cop’, and that the police chief was a coward”

It turns out that in New Hampshire; there is a criminal law against libel, and “half the states in America have laws that make libel a crime, and prosecutions still happen “, such that if someone writes things about you that you don’t like, there is a potential to have the person arrested. So if you are a police officer, and you feel someone’s libeled or slandered you: you can just arrest the person, since they’ve broken the law, according to you.

Government Shutdown: Failure to renew expiring security certificates results in many broken websites

According to this article, so far: more than 80 US government websites’ certificates are reported to have expired without being renewed. NASA, the US Department of Justice, and the Court of Appeals are just some of the US government agencies currently impacted, according to Netcraft. Editorial Remarks: Here’s a showing of a need for websites implementing automatic certificate… Read More »

Stopping annoying Windows 8 reboot countdown

Microsoft means well,  and updates are good,  but  I want to be in control of when my computer reboots,  dammit.    Not in the middle of a VoIP call, or me watching a movie.   Steps to put a stop to this forced reboot countdown craziness:   1.  Press Control + Escape 2.  Type  “cmd” 3. Right click… Read More »

Myth: “I’m just not a math person.”

In an article from The Atlantic; Miles Kimbal and Noah Smith  expound on the subject of basic math skills. (and the myth of inborn math ability):   Basic ability in the subject isn’t the product of good genes, but hard work. Quartz: “There’s one key difference between those who excel at math and those who don’t” The authors discuss… Read More »

‘Amazon’ sales tax law overturned in Illinois

In a USA Today article,  we learn that on Friday: the Illinois Supreme Court has thrown out a law  which taxes certain internet sales.  According to the court: the “Amazon tax”  violated the federal ban  against unequal taxes on digital transactions.   The first time a court has overturned an ‘Amazon’ internet sales tax law. The Illinois department… Read More »

When does a hardware firewall become justified?

In a discussion some time ago, I had, the question was raised  “In a small business setup one server, lets say Server 2008 and anywhere from 4-12 client computers.”;   How many computers before you really need to fork over the cash, for a dedicated firewall appliance? It seems to be commonly assumed that a dedicated firewall only… Read More »

Student arrested for virtually shooting classmates in game

Gray, Louisiana An 15 year old young man has been arrested for using a smartphone app called the real strike app to “shoot” classmates at H. L. Bourgeois High School.  The app places a virtual gun and user interface over a real background seen through the phone’s camera: in the style of a first person shooter game.    A student… Read More »

Sleep boosts brain cell numbers

Sleep boosts brain cell numbers In today’s BBC Health news:  there was a great article about new research, describing how sleep helps the brain.  The research suggests that ‘Sleep boosts brain cell numbers‘.    Getting enough sleep may have benefits: beyond what was previously thought. When sleep boosts your brain cell numbers, you might live longer.    You… Read More »