Monthly Archives: February 2019

Making Windows10 Update More Bearable

Thanks to this article, now we know what to do about stopping annoying unexpected Windows 10 automatic update restarts. Do you have a better way, or another solution? Let us know in the comments. : “TL;DR it blocks automatic restarts completely. Period. Modify it however you like, i doesn’t have to output anything to a log file. This… Read More »

Mac malware “CookieMiner” targets cryptocurrency users

In a recent article: Palo Alto Networks’ Unit 42 recently discovered malware that we believe has been developed from OSX.DarthMiner, a malware known to target the Mac platform.
This malware is capable of stealing browser cookies associated with mainstream cryptocurrency exchanges and wallet service websites visited by the victims.
Various other credentials, and configures the system to load Koto coinmining software on the system.