Caffeine Gives Perovskite Solar Cells An Energy Boost, Study Says

Wait, what? According to this report; Caffeine’s a boost not just for humans…: Caffeine makes perovskite photovoltaics more stable, enhancing their commercial potential Caffeine’s calming effect starts during the creation of perovskite crystals. “Without caffeine, the crystallization process will just take 2 seconds, but with caffeine it will take 1 to 2 minutes,” says Yang. The more… Read More »

Lessons from Star Trek: 1

This video discusses a StTnG episode with a timely message warning about witch hunts and mob rule “Mister Worf, villains who twirl their moustaches are easy to spot. Those who clothe themselves in good deeds are well camouflaged.” “With the first link the chain is forged. The first speech censured, the first thought forbidden, the first freedom denied,… Read More »

Making Windows10 Update More Bearable

Thanks to this article, now we know what to do about stopping annoying unexpected Windows 10 automatic update restarts. Do you have a better way, or another solution? Let us know in the comments. : “TL;DR it blocks automatic restarts completely. Period. Modify it however you like, i doesn’t have to output anything to a log file. This… Read More »

Mac malware “CookieMiner” targets cryptocurrency users

In a recent article: Palo Alto Networks’ Unit 42 recently discovered malware that we believe has been developed from OSX.DarthMiner, a malware known to target the Mac platform.
This malware is capable of stealing browser cookies associated with mainstream cryptocurrency exchanges and wallet service websites visited by the victims.
Various other credentials, and configures the system to load Koto coinmining software on the system.

Free Online Education in Computer Science

In a recent interesting discussion: it was recommended to check out the Open Source Society University This seems to be a fairly complete, free, open, regularly available curriculum for people interested in learning computer science, but who desire to pursue the knowledge on their own rather than through a formal degree program. The OSSU curriculum is described as:… Read More »

New study says parachutes are useless

According to a recent article: “A new study flies in the face of anecdotal evidence and raises questions about how we read data.“ In order to get people to agree to take part in the study, the scientists had to structure the experiment properly. The airplane was both on the ground and stationary, as they thought it would… Read More »

35yr old vulnerability found in SCP

Just because its been out for a long time, and has Secure in the name, doesn’t mean its totally safe, whoops… In this advisory the following vulnerability in SCP is described, SCP clients from multiple vendors are susceptible to a malicious scp server performing unauthorized changes to target directory and/or client output manipulation. Many scp clients fail to… Read More »

Hamfests: A Celebration of Ham Radio

To call attention to some upcoming events in Louisiana. The 38th Annual Hammond Hamfest, on the coming Saturday, January 19, 2019 of the Southeast Louisiana Amateur Radio Club in Hammond, LA (SELARC). If you are in the area, come by and attend the Hamfest! Or at least consider sending a (suggested: $15) donation. Click here to scroll down… Read More »